book2net V-scan Cobra

The book2net V-Scan Cobra 110° was developed in cooperation with well known institutions like the Bavarian State Library, the National Archive of Sweden and the British Library. The book2net V-Scan Cobra is the perfect solution for scanning rare books which allows only opening with a certain angle. The feature highlights are

High performance sensors

  • Parallel use of two high performance CCD sensors with 40 Megapixel
  • High resolution of 400 ppi
  • 0.3 sek. scanning time / dualpage
  • 1.9 sek. processing time
  • Optimized signal to noise relation for OCR recognition

The lenses

  • Rodenstock Rodagon
  • Shutter life expectancy > 600Mio. shots
  • Focus depth: 13 cm / 5 inch
  • Perfect linearity
  • Brilliance color

Embedded light source

  • Cold light LED-Technologie
  • Light-Control-System (LCS)
  • Uniformity V-illumination
  • Stable wave length
  • > 3 years life expectancy

Layout section

  • Protective certified
  • 110° aperture angle
  • High compensation of 15 cm
  • Adjustment of book thickness till 12 cm
  • Adjustable transparent fixing system
  • Accurate Scan quality of the book fold
  • Customizing V-Scan book cradle

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