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" Large digitization projects are about volumes, quality, efficiency and replicability. These are achievable only with diligent planning, understanding the requirements, getting the resources into place and most importantly the respect given to the mother documents. "

Thrinaina Informatics has digitized more than 100 million documents the world over with each project adding a feather to our cap and greater insight and respect to processes. Being associated with visionary projects like the Million Book Project, Old newspaper initiative by the Govt of Andhra Pradesh, have ingrained in the essence of respect for the documents and the infinite value that they carry with the knowledge embedded in them
Need a turnkey solution?

Are you facing problems with finding the right set of metadata, standards, processes, hardware, storage, software, manpower and equipment for your digitizing project. Large projects have benefitted from our turnkey solutions.
Need to Hire Scanners?

Capital purchases may not be the ideal solution for short term assignments that require high end equipment. Thrinaina has a pool of book scanners(overhead), high speed document scanners and microfilming equipment that can be used for the duration of jobs enabling better return on investments. Please contact us with your requirement and we will be happy to extend our services to you.
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