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Since over two decades, Thrinaina Infomatics has developed and implemented specialized IT solutions for Indian enterprises and international organizations in the US, UK and Middle East. From large to medium enterprises, our custom Enterprise solutions have been in a class of their own. Our domain and terrain knowledge and people resources along with a focus on quality and best value propositions and driven by our credo of "Insight and Innovation".

Our solutions, apart from all other advantages, displays our empathy with the 'human factor' so rare in IT solutions. Our approach to products and services is that they should be powerfull, affordable, simple and provide the highest value. Our research, development, implementation and other teams are committed to this.
Successful infrastructure and construction companies know that there are things beyond men, machines, materials and money. It needs an orchestration beyond generic ERP that make you dance to the tunes of others. As an integrated solution easily custom configurable by users, Infraeasy is a robust, secure solution with very low cost of ownership.
Ginning ERP
Ginning-ERP Software is a user-friendly ERP management system for the Cotton Ginning and Pressing Industry, which brings enormous efficiency and value addition to the customers in the face of the stringent guidelines of the Government of India, the voluminous and redundant book-keeping and the stiff competition in the Cotton Ginning Industry.
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