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Since over two decades, Thrinaina Infomatics has developed and implemented specialized IT solutions for Indian enterprises and international organizations in the US, UK and Middle East. From large to medium enterprises, our custom Enterprise solutions have been in a class of their own. Tie-ups and associations with global leaders such as IBM. Our domain and terrain knowledge and people resources along with a focus on quality and best value propositions and driven by our credo of Insight and Innovation. Our solutions, apart from all other advantages, displays our empathy with the 'human factor' so rare in IT solutions. Our approach to products and services is that they should be powerfull, affordable, simple and provide the highest value. Our research, development, implementation and other teams are committed to this.

What makes us what we are?

Our team! Hear how they can make things happen....

System Integration Specialists
Our SIS team keeps itself regularly updated with the technological changes and the requisite vendors of various products and services making it a versatile force in deploying the necessary resources of domain expertise for functionality extraction, networking, hardware, software, solutions and deployment and training. The group nurtures a pool of talent through a training division, which forms a source for both internal, and client needs.

Business Modelling Specialists
Our BMS with their hands on expertise and understanding of the nuances of process modelling, optimising resources, understanding interfaces and the nitty gritty of transactional problems, model a scenario conforming to the needs of the client and solutions that would best fit within the resources allocatable to the solution. The dedicated efforts translate the experience of the BMS to the expertise that the client gains in terms of control, decision support systems and the ease of operations in the business by using the appropriate technologies. Business Process Reengineering is also done to set the critical processes right while doing away with superfluous and unwanted activities while modelling a new system towards synthesizing solutions. The comprehensive documentation that the team churns out contributes to the effective

Interface Designing Specialists
Our IDS team ingrained with the priority of User-friendly needs takes care of the User Interfaces, Navigational aspects and the Aesthetic aspects of a UI. They also keep in mind the Design Aspects with the software interfaces and Operating system interfaces and create the components and controls across applications and platforms. The IDS team is also responsible for the prototyping and setting internal and external templates for working. The team for facilitating easier deployment devises the requisite documentation and the user support mechanisms.

Database Designers
From the needs and the functionality extraction and the synthesized system the data base designers model the databases, using the appropriate CASE tools and ER Design Tools. The designed databases take care of the needs of the growth of the organization, while keeping in mind the issue of legacy data for ease in deployment and interfacing with external domains and entities. The sound knowledge of requirements current and future for enabling the business rules assigned and scalability parameters incorporated contribute to a robust and reliable database designed.

Application Development
Given the inputs of design modeling and data structures the Application developer can concentrate on the job he is to do “Application Development”. The standards, templates prototypes and controls frozen across an application contribute to a unified application that conform to the requirements, both of the user and future maintenance or upgradation needs. Version management and Configuration Management are incorporated facilitating the scalability and the required changes as and when the requirements warrant it. The application developer also runs through the test cases for the respective applications.

As much as we ingrain the fact that we need to preempt errors rather than depend on post completion correction the testing team puts the products through comprehensive white box, black box and functionality testing so that the applications are at a certain level of controllability ensuring predictable functioning. The team is familiar with the latest tools of testing and checking for the loading and the scalability of the product to create a benchmark for measurement of the performance of the applications. The testing teams also are involved with the pilot implementation of the application to ascertain the functionality and the associated onsite situations.

Implementation and Deployment
Armed with piloted products, comprehensive documentation and training on the domain the ID team fights a battle with no resistance. The client is trained, and the End Users made to feel at comfort with the solution while the ID teams look into the issue of legacy data being incorporated, and the systems are made update. The customer orientation and the ability to feel at home with the client while making them feel the same endears and ensures that we have an up and running application in time - all the time.

Networking Solutions
We offer a complete range of professional network services using our proven processes and knowledge of networking technologies. We design and implement optimal, scalable and cost-effective network solutions tailored to your specific needs and business objectives. Our services include popular LAN and WAN technologies, VOIP and Optical networking. By leveraging our knowledge of existing and next generation network technology, we deliver high quality services, on time and in budget.

All that is planned and executed is possible because of the strong and reliable backbone that has been created which facilitates the upgradation of skills both of the client and the internal system through the training team. The team spreads the philosophies, technologies, systems and processes within the organisation while addressing the needs of skills upgrade and is a source for breeding and nurturing fresh talent into the system. Alliances with major training companies and franchises create pool of manpower resource with the team handling a division which looks into career education catering to more than 500 young career seekers every year across 5 facilities.

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