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Large digitization projects are about volumes, quality, efficiency and replicability. These are achievable only with diligent planning, understanding the requirements, getting the resources into place and most importantly the respect given to the mother documents.

Thrinaina Informatics has digitized more than 100 million documents the world over with each project adding a feather to our cap and greater insight and respect to processes. Being associated with visionary projects like the Million Book Project, Old newspaper initiative by the Govt of Andhra Pradesh, have ingrained in the essence of respect for the documents and the infinite value that they carry with the knowledge embedded in them.

For us at Thrinaina, every project is a distinct entity that is planned, work flowed, executed and monitored with precision. The key facilitator has been the aggregation of the knowledge and practices accrued with years of qualitative experience and channelized through our structured process approach, through..

Metadata standards and practices

The key factor for any digitization project is the identification of the metadata required pre digitization. While there are many standards like the Dublin core Marc Records, ONIX, METS etc , some are used within certain closed groups and need to be customized depending on the final mode of application distribution. Scanning without metadata is the equivalent of an internet without a Google.

Appropriate choice of equipment

Different media depending on the size, condition, age, resolution etc, would require different scanners for image acquisition. Choice of the right scanners ensures fidelity of the scanning process and further the safety of the documents that need to be scanned. The consequences on the wrong choice of equipment can have catastrophic consequences on the scanners. Our policy has been to return documents back in a better condition after a scan or not to scan.

Digitization and archiving Standards

While world over there have been various bodies defining the file formats and compression mechanisms for digitization the fundamental rule has always been to get the best resolutions and best image acquisition. While the best resolutions may be good for printing they need to be optimized for distribution and viewing, hence multiple copies with multiple formats for archiving, masters/printing and rendering. A well designed process has the file naming and folder naming conventions clearly defined which help in segregating and storing the documents.

Rigorous Quality processes and Checks

In Production environments while churning hundreds of thousands of documents a day it is definitely a dire necessity to have a quality process to ensure the consistency of the deliverables to a defined quality level. Thrinaina’s processes are defined to maintain, monitor and deliver multilevel quality of the documents irrespective of the volumes or the standards.

Quality manpower

With all the processes in place it requires people who are properly trained, and have a respect to documents that would make the solution efficient. Thrinaina’s manpower is experienced and trained to handle the documents and the deliverables with utmost care.


Thrinaina understanding the importance of the above mentioned parameters executes projects through its proprietory work flow software Digiflo. This takes care of all the standards, parameters and quality controls and provides a comprehensive MIS of the project

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