Digitization production processes are complex and involve management of Infrastructure, media metadata and manpower. Moreover with the large volumes of data that they generate manual tracking of the resources and the deliverables is definitely no easy task. Work Flow Management Software Digiflotm ensures better management of work processes addressing the following aspects leading to the qualitatively superior output of targeted quantity, consistently. It ensures quality at all levels of the work flow enhance ensuring manageability, scalability and efficiency of operations. It gives a facility to integrate OEM software for scanning, processing and OCR and with a seamless usage in the workflow. Remote access of the site details can be made possible with the client update with the happenings of his project.


  • Managing of the various kinds of metadata
  • Reduction in Turnaround time
  • Data capturing at various stages
  • MIS and administration including reporting
  • Quality checks at appropriate stages
  • Identifying the bottlenecks to get them addressed & solved
  • Managing both Static Media and Digital Media
  • Tracking of document information in all stages
  • Tracking of Man Power
  • Tracking the quality in each stage
  • Tracking of time taken for each stage
  • Generating reports like Daily Report, Shift-Wise Reports, Operator-wise Reports etc
  • Tools to help the in training people.


The scope of workflow management includes.
  • Creation of a predefined workflow
  • Creation of predefined file/folder naming conventions for storage
  • Creation of Jobs profiles for different projects
  • Tracking of physical documents and media
  • Creation of metadata and tagging to the digital documents
  • Integrated Document format Auditor to check quality of scanned documents
  • Storing of the locations of the digital documents at various stages of workflow
  • Creation of document index and structural metadata of documents
  • Comprehensive MIS for planning production and measuring the efficiency of the persons associated with project.
  • Tracking of documents and processes at various stages of the workflow.
  • Managing the attendances and the productivity of the personnel

Configurations of the workflow

  • Scanning jobs can be configured based on the parameters of scanning
  • File naming and folder naming conventions can be defined for a job. (Can also be taken from the metadata entered.
  • Storage locations of the files and folders at the various stages of the work flow can be defined
  • Retrieval of files and folders for subsequent processes possible

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