In most digitization production facilities one of the major hurdles are the small repetitive tasks that need to be done over and over again with a high level of accuracy. Most software which aid in doing this are expensive and may be an over kill to use being expensive, resource crunching and unwieldy to use. Digitool is a suite of tools that are quick and easy on your production environment. This reduces the cost of ownership of the solution and enhances the productivity. The Digitool suite is integrated with the Digiflo software.

Following are the components of the toolbox.

  • Document format Auditor: This ensures parametric and objective evaluation of documents and sends a page wise output to an excel or a text file. Can be used in a batch mode for a number of books or for single books.
  • Structural metadata entry – Image viewer incorporated with a facility to enter data from the images. This metadata is then linked to the images.
  • Crop Tool: A quick and simple tool for cropping and removing artifacts from images manually
  • Image viewer: An image viewer with a facility to create structural metadata and also report errors in case they are encountered.
  • File size Verifier: It is normally a problem to handle files that are too large and it could be lank in case too small. It helps identify the files of abnormal sizes for separate intervention.
  • Page renumbering tool: Tools for renumbering pages after insertion or deletion of pages.
  • Image split and Merging tool: Pages are sometimes scanned in a spread mode and may need to be split up for ensuring the sizes are consistent with a subsequent facility to stitch up the pages with a definable gutter size. This tool helps in doing this.
  • Importing and exporting of metadata from XML to Databases and vice versa.
  • File counter: Gives a count of files when delivered in multiple formats to ensure that there is parity and consistency of files.
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