Rice is the most dominant food produce in India. A Rice Mill purchases rough rice from area farmers, then de-husked and polished. The edible superfine quality product is resold in the domestic or export market complying with the statutory sale guidelines of the Government of India. Rice bran is a valuable byproduct, which is an important raw material of the solvent extraction industry. Husk also gains prominence in value with the mushrooming of power plants.

The rice mills are clustered in the rich fertile cropping areas for apparent business reason of minimum raw material transportation cost.

This industry has a unique multi-tiered selling system comprising of a network of dealers and agents. A dealer may buy the product through any agent or directly.

A huge overhead on voluminous and redundant book keeping by virtue of the milling process.

It is a seasonal industry involved with a high volume of production and demands efficient control on variable costs to maximize profitability.

RicePak is a user friendly online management system for the rice mill industry that brings enormous efficiency and value-addition to the customers in the face of the stringent guidelines of the Government of India, the voluminous and redundant book-keeping and the stiff competition in the rice miller industry.


Online Management System
Serial interface to the weighbridge (developed in-house)
Multi-tiered selling system
Analytical tools for control on Sales and Purchases
Productivity performance analysis on batches/cropping areas
Automatic periodic generation of reports required by various Statutory bodies of the Government

  • Food Corporation of India
  • Civil Supplies Department
  • Agricultural Market Committee
  • Food Inspectorate
  • Weights and Measures Department
  • Labour Department
  • Inspectorate of Factories
  • Inspectorate of Boilers
  • Commercial Tax Department
  • Income Tax Department
Byproduct inventory management
>100 User input screens
>150 Reports

Development Model

A Focus Group was formed comprising of Procedure Oriented Rice Millers, Industry Advisors, System Analysts and Software Engineers to design the system for the rice mill management. A system development strategy was used to develop this application.

Platforms & Technology

Hardware :Intel–Pentium, IBM-PC
Operating System :Windows Platform (95/98/NT)
RDBMS :SQL Server / MS-Access
Front-end : Visual Basic

Current Action

Web enabling the product taking advantage of the internet availability and facilitating the rice millers to form a close user group on the net.


TIL provides quality structured training and full support for all installations. Our solid in-house expertise in hardware and software platforms gives TIL clients the flexibility, reliability and accountability they need.


Sri Adilaxmi Industries
Sri Balagam Reddy and Others
Sri Lalitha Enterprises
Sri Muralimohana Raw and Boiled Rice Mill
Sri Padma Balaji Raw and Boiled Rice Mill
Sri Ramakrishna Enterprises
Sri Vasavi Modern Rice Mill
Sri Venkata Padmavathi Raw and Boiled Rice Mill
Sri Vijayalaxmi Raw and Boiled Rice Mill

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