Solvent Pak


The solvent plant extracts oil from a variety of raw materials like rice bran, seeds and cakes and refines a range of edible oils. An assorted variety of fatty acids are produced in the distillation process. De-oiled cakes are valuable by-products.

The management performance of the solvent oil extraction plant is fairly complex and comprehensive.

Key Focus Areas

The plant can process diverse raw material of varied grades and produce a varietyof products and byproducts
Very large number of raw material vendors (>6000)
The purchase is a very complex and reflective procedure involving four majordepartments–Warehouse,Purchase Department,Management and Testing Lab
involving encryption technology in stamping the raw material sample
Multi-currency sales and export statutory requirements
Monitoring of multifaceted receivables and payables
Intricate material management
Inventory management for more than 8000 items
Analysis of commodity market and price variations
Versatile payroll system with banta workforce
Transport fleet management
A complete financial accounting

SolventPak achieves the usability and simplicity needed for the staff and the management of a plant with of such magnitude and complexity.
>1500 forms and reports
10 man years

Development Model

A structured analysis development method was used to develop this application owing to the sheer complexity of the system.

Platforms & Technology

Hardware :Intel–Pentium, IBM-PC
Operating System :Novell NetWare & MS-DOS
RDBMS :Foxpro
Current version is migrated to Visual Basic/SQL Server on Windows NT


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  • Gowthami Solvent Oil Limited.
  • R.R. Refineries.
  • Siris Agro Limited.
  • Ananda Bhagavati Foods (P) Limited.

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